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Reliable & safe, shared or private transportation. For your own security ignore offers of transportation from solicitors in the terminals. Ignore non-uniformed persons offering to assist with baggage.
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Please be advised that as an exigency of the national and international Aeronautical Authorities, it is mandatory that all luggage should pass cleareance checkpoints
Important information SJD Airport Forbidden / Permied items / Security
Guide to the requirements that are now in place as well as advice to help passengers pass through the security check as quickly as possible.
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SJD Los Cabos Customs Customs Information
During the inbound flight, you will receive and need to fill out a customs form (Hacienda). After passing through immigration, you collect your bags and proceed to the exit. You will hand the form to the customs agent and press the button on what looks like a traffic light.

Please be advised that as an exigency of the national and international Aeronautical Authorities, it is mandatory that all luggage should pass cleareance checkpoints.

Try to avoind carrying valuable items in your documented luggage such as money, jewelry, electronic devices, photograph of video cameras, figile objects and any negotiable document, among others.

It is highly recomended that each passanger shold pack own luggage to make sure that no prohibited or dangerous items are included, such as:

Explosives. Ammunition, detonators, dynamite, fireworks, flares, gunpowder, granades, plastic explosives, fireguns or replicas that make-believe or any other similar explosive item.

Flammable Substances. Spray cans other than deodorant of hairsprays for personal use of the passanger, cumbustion fluids (including cooking, torches, gasoline, thinner, lighter fluid, replicas or make believe  flammable substances).

Chemical Products that May Inhibit People. Clorox for swimming pools or spas, liquid bleeching, any size batteries, spray cans, gas of any kind, fire extinguishers.

Organic oxides and peroxides. Bleeching or auto body repairment kits, among others.).

Toxic and/or Infectuos Fluids. Rat poisoning and/or infected blood, among others.

Radioactive Materials. Such as radio active  isotopes for medical or commercial use, among others.

Corrosives. Iincluding mercury and car batteries. Luggage should not be shut with locks, since it must be open for security reasons at chekpoints..

Chek all tag numbers are the same on your bags and on hand. Each bag must be  tagged individually, specifying final destination.  
Place name and phone number of final destination on a well seen spot of your bags inside and out. 
Remove all stickers or tags from previous flights or personal info regarding others than yourself.
Do not overload your bags, self-damage may occur.
Make sure your bags are well fastened avoiding lose strings, cords or hooks since luggage can be seriously damaged.  
All carrying liquid fluids should be place inside a plastic zip bag.
Do not carry packages or bags other than your own.
Avoid leaving bags unattended

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