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During the inbound flight, you will receive and need to fill out a customs form (Hacienda). After passing through immigration, you collect your bags and proceed to the exit. You will hand the form to the customs agent and press the button on what looks like a traffic light.


Arriving by Plane or Boat you may import additional articles worth up to $300 U.S. per person.  Those arriving by land may import additional articles worth up to $50 U.S. per person, or $300 U.S. per person if the items were bought near the border and you have the receipts to prove it.  If you are importing goods worth over $1000 U.S. you must use a customs broker.

• Live predatory fish (young or adult).
• Totoaba fish, either fresh, refrigerated or frozen.
• Turtle eggs.
• Poppy seeds.
• Spores or marihuana seeds. Marihuana extracts, either juice, mucilage, or plants, and/or marihuana based medications (Cannabis Indica).
• Juice or extract of opium.
• Stamps, cards or wrapping paper (color or b/w) even on chewing gum, or candy packages with figures or drawings showing denigration messages to childhood, ridicule, violence related, self destruction, or any other sociopath behavior known as “Garbage Pail Kids”
• Thalio sulfates.
• Insecticides of any kind. • Heroine.
• Turtle skin.
• Any good declared as archeologicals by the Secretary of Public Education (SEP).




You must fill out a declaration form for customs and pay any duties on any items that are not Duty Free.  Then you will be asked to push a button on a traffic signal.  Green light means you go on, red means your belongings will be checked.
If you are caught with items not declared or exceeding their reported value without paying duties you are liable for fines of 1 to 3 times the value of those items and they can be confiscated by the authorities.

Foreign and Mexican Residents may bring personal items such as:

Clothing and shoes, in non-commercial quantities
1 Camera, movie or video camera with power supply with up to 12 rolls of film or videocassettes
1 Portable computer (laptop)
1 Piece of used sporting equipment (that can be carried by one person)
Books and magazines, in non commercial quantities
Medicines for personal use (with prescriptions if psychotropic)
Luggage necessary to carry all this
A maximum of 20 packs of cigarettes, 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco
Up to 3 liters of wine, beer or liquor

Foreign Residents, in addition to the above, may bring:

1 Pair of Binoculars
1 TV under 12 inches
1 portable radio/recorder
2 laser disks
20 CDs or cassette tapes
1 Typewriter
1 Musical instrument (that can be carried
by one person)
1 Set of camping gear and tent
5 toys
1 set of fishing gear
1 pair of skis
1 pair of tennis racquets
1 surfboard or sailboard
1 Videocassette recorder
You may bring vegetables, fruits, flours, dried nuts, spices and milk products for personal use. Fresh and frozen meats and fowl are allowed if they are sealed in their original wrappers with stickers indicating their origin in the U.S. or Canada.


Bringing money in any quantity is not a crime but not declaring it can be.  You may bring $10.000 U.S. in cash or checks legally but you must declare any funds over that amount.  If you bring over $30,000 U.S. you can be sent to prison for up to six years and the federal authorities keep all funds over $20,000 U.S.

Once you pick up your luggage procede to Customs. Declaration must be signed and filled out, introduce it facing up  into the laser reader (if returned hand it over to the Customs Officer).

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