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Passenger Services at SJD

Airport Autority Los Cabos SJD Airport Authority Information
Airport phone numbers, mailing address, airport code and statistics
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Reliable & safe, shared or private transportation. For your own security ignore offers of transportation from solicitors in the terminals. Ignore non-uniformed persons offering to assist with baggage.
SJD Airport Information Airport Information
Airport map | Terminal information | Airlines A
SJD Flight Information Flight Information
Arrivals | Departures | Status | Delays in SJD Contact the airline webpage for more information
SJD Airport Services Airport Services
Parking | Medical Service | Lost & Found | Banking & ATMS
Carry On Information Carry on luggage.
What you can and can not bring. information for documentation and boarding.
SJD Documented Luggage Documented luggage
Please be advised that as an exigency of the national and international Aeronautical Authorities, it is mandatory that all luggage should pass cleareance checkpoints
Important information SJD Airport Forbidden / Permied items / Security
Guide to the requirements that are now in place as well as advice to help passengers pass through the security check as quickly as possible.
SJD Passengers with Special Needs Passengers with health condition
Passengers under age

Traveling with pets
SJD Los Cabos Customs Customs Information
During the inbound flight, you will receive and need to fill out a customs form (Hacienda). After passing through immigration, you collect your bags and proceed to the exit. You will hand the form to the customs agent and press the button on what looks like a traffic light.


Terminal 1: Domestic Flights


Terminal 2: International Flights


Terminal 3


SJD Los Cabos Airport Terminal Map

Los Cabos Airport Transportation Transfers Shuttle & Taxi Information

  • Look only for authorized local transportation for pick up passengers at the airport.
  • Price is always fix, when is quoted "per person" means shuttle service roundtrip.
  • Cash payment upon arrival is NOT ACCEPTABLE and not recommended, only public taxis can take cash
  • Do not provide arrival information before you know form of payment.
  • Make sure you can pay through a SECURED payment service like PAYPAL.
  • There are three types of services: Shuttle, Taxi, and Private. Shuttle is the most economical
  • Taxis, they are expensive and drivers are not bilingual
  • Private is the most convenient and reliable transportation
  • Private and shuttle must be booked in advance
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure you can easily contact the company to provide last minute changes (i.e. flight delays, early arrivals, flight changes, etc.). Companies with a toll free number are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (Transbaja - Gray Line , etc)
    Companies that provide you with instant confirmation are more reliable.

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