SJD Airport
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Under Age
Passengers information.Under age travellers are considered between ages 5 to 17. Under 5 years of age children must be accompanied by an adult realative or an aquaintance. From 15 to 17 years old it is optional to pay for airline escourt fee. At the information desk of the airline forms are available to fill out for minors to travel, it is mandatory that an official id is shown and fee is paid in full.
Traveling with pets
Passangers traveling with 1 or 2 pets (dogs and/or cats), you must carry with you: Veterinarians certification: Proof of vaccination. If traveling with more than 2 pets, you must carry with you: Veterinarian certificate. Proof of vaccination updated. Payment's bill (form 5, SAT), with bank's stamp on it. Pets must travel in the documented luggage compartment. It is recommended NOT to place pet's food inside carrying cages.
0-Home | Special Needs