SJD Airport
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.Passengers with a health condition Please consult with physician or health specialist and report to airline personnel on personal health care prior to flight.

On wheelchairs
May access to boarding gate waiting area and aircraft. Wheelchairs must be hand operated or motor assisted with dry cell batteries.
On stretchers
Abulance may park outside terminal tower building of the airport. Please address to related clerk where proceedings will be explained. If passenger has been discharged from a govermental hospital, acces to the aircraft will be free of charge. Passengers discharged from a private hospital, access to the airplane will have an extra charge of 240.00 pesos (Mexican currency), plus tax.
Pregnant passengers: Passengers are advise against traveling from the 36th week onward.. Mediction allowed at boarding gate waiting areas and in aircraft: Only prescribed drugs for personal use will be allow if accompanied by physician's prescription.
0-Home | Health Conditions